MUTOH XpertJet 1682SR

  • Piezo drop on demand roll fed sign & display printers

    64” – 162 cm / CMYK (1641SR) / 2 x CMYK or CMYK + Lc, Lm, Lk (1682SR).

  • Robustly built platform

    High precision aluminum extrusion for extremely accurate ink dot placement, new cosmetics,new print platen & smart Printed Circuit Board box design.

  • Excellent user experience ranking
    Illuminated print platform, new multi-language intuitive OLED display, automated bidirectional alignment via integrated colour sensor & remote printer monitoring.
  • Enhanced media handling & transport

    Easy single operator media loading through newly designed media feed flanges, worry-free transport of the widest range of roll substrates thanks to multi-level pinch rollers with adaptable pressure.

  • New generation of cost-efficient & low maintenance Eco Solvent Inks
    1 liter packs. Excellent outdoor durability, abrasion and chemical resistance scores.
  • Highly flexible

    For starters or established print shops needing extra versatility and flexibility as well as for businesses focusing on the combination of speed production and top quality print work.

Mutoh is renowned for its Japan made high quality wide format inkjet printers. A key factor to our competitive success and businessphilosophy has been our Kaizen spirit.
The Japanese word Kaizen means « change for the better ». For Mutoh, Kaizen implies our company-wide commitment to create continuous improvement and innovation. In short, creating lasting excellence, one step at a time.

In developing the 64” (162 cm) wide XpertJets, our fifth generation Sign & Display printers, we faithfully took the Kaizen way. Suited for the widest range of indoor and long term outdoor Sign & Display graphics, the all new XpertJet 1641SR and 1682SR printer models are the successors of Mutoh’s multi-awarded ValueJet 1624X and ValueJet 1638X. They bring multiple product enhancements and pioneering innovative features to Sign & Display print professionals.

Join the Mutoh Kaizen spirit … Keep on improving, Aim for happy customers, Impress with constant top print quality, Zap your sign business into the future, Enjoy the Mutoh comfort, Never stop your creativity… KAIZEN