Roll-X Advantage


ROLL-X ADVANTAGE gives you access to the superior production method provided by the Flatbed Applicator
technique. The machine can either be shipped in modules to reduce shipping cost and gives you
the possibility to fit through a standard door, or be delivered fully assembled. The assembling is fast and
easy and you will start making money in no time!

Possible to retrofit LED and Electrical height adjustable legs.

  • Mechanical height adjustment 850-1 070mm / 2ft. 9in. – 3ft. 6in.
  • Adjustable side trays
  • Metal side lines used for trimming
  • Fast assembly and installation
  • Mounting to substrate
  • Lamination
  • Pre-masking
  • Work table with cutting mat
  • ROLL-X 327/175 ADVANTAGE
  • ROLL-X 400/175 ADVANTAGE
  • ROLL-X 470/175 ADVANTAGE